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Baby Boy Benton!

AND..... It's a BOY!!!!!

I seriously can't say enough good things about this precious family! They are some of the BEST friends anyone can ask for. They love and they love BIG. They work hard and play harder. And their love for the Lord is evident in everything that they put their hands to. To watch them humbly walk through the many victories of life but to also watch them navigate through those low valleys has been an encouragement to my soul. Through every high and every low their love for the Lord and others has never changed. If you don't know the Benton's you are truly missing out and to say that Watson's love this family would be a little bit of an understatement.

Baby boy Benton, you are one lucky dude... you are getting some super amazing parents and a super sweet big sissy!!!! AND... You are for sure to be one soccer playing stud! I can't wait for these Watson girls to be cheering you on!

Congrats Bentons!!!!!

AND thank you both for allowing me to take pictures at your precious little ones gender reveal party!

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