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Rosie's Winnie the Pooh Party

Rosie's Party was just so perfect! The flowers, the cake, the little special food signs, and even a pot of honey!!! Every little detail was so special and so perfect for this little princess!

Rosie Girl, you are one loved little girl!

Selfish confession: I really hope that Rosie and the Watson girls end up at the same high school together so that maybe, just maybe they will all be on the same basketball team!!! Given that they all fall in love with the sport like Kassie and I did!

Plus I know that Rosie girls is bound to have some height to her and these Watson's are going to need help down low :)

Kassie, how special would that be!!!

Im so not rushing these girls to grow up anytime soon... BUT I do look forward to the possibility of watching these precious girls play ball :)

#party #oneyear #birthday

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