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Rosie is ONE!!!

Better late than never ... right?!?!

Sweet Rosie is ONE!!!!

If you know Kassie and Ben you know that this little girl is the center of their universe!

For the longest time, I was so amazed at just how much Rosie looked just like her mommy. BUT then... I saw a baby picture of Ben. Like I'm not kidding... if I had this picture to post I would add it here. It really blew my mind just how much she looks like him as well.

Like, how does that happen... she really looks like both of them.

Isn't it just the craziest thing ever... that the Lord could form such a beautiful little human out of two people (who don't really look a like) and then for this little human to look so much like BOTH of them.

I see this in my own girls regularly as well. One minute they look like me but then the next they look just like my husband. I bet the Lord has so much fun designing each and everyone of us.

...Mind blown....

ANYWAYS!!! Happy Late Birthday Rosaleigh!

#OneYearphotos #rosie #one

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