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Shufelt Family

Meet the Shufelt party of 3!

I have known Miriam for as long as I can remember... we carpooled together as elementary kiddos where we jammed out to "The Keys Please" (by Aaron and Jeoffrey) in my parent's green mini van... LOL! I seriously giggle when I think back about how many times we must have tortured our parents demanding the same song over and over on our drive to and from school. Miriam is one AMAZING artist! If you haven't had the opportunity to see some of her artwork in and around the Jackson area, then you are missing out! She is extremely talented!

Now Mr. Josh... Josh and I grew up together as well. We went to the same high school and then on to the same college... and let me tell you this boy can play some basketball!!! AND then the smarts between these two!! Doc and Nurse! I'm seriously not sure how they do all that they do. They are two very talented and gifted individuals AND they are some of the sweetest parents ever! Reid man is such a blessed little dude with these two as parents!

Josh and Mir... It was such an honor be able to capture these images of your precious family! I can't wait to continue to see and hear of the great things that the Lord does in and through your lives!

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