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Family: The Brewers

The Brewer Family has been a very special family in my life for the past few years.

Michael and I worked together while I was at PHS. He is one of the smartest tech guys I have ever come in contact with. He is taking Pearl to new and amazing heights with all of his amazing ideas he has for the district! (Now don't get the big head for this comment M!)

AND Amanda... if you know her, you know that she can literally do it ALL!! Embroidery and vinyl queen... cookies and cakes... she is literally the human version of Pinterest, there is no craft she can not master... and have you been to a party that she has planned.... my goodness this girl can do it all!!! Talk about power couple right here.

Amanda is one of the reasons that I kept going with my photography when things got hard and challenging. She pushed me to explore new options and thats when the Mini Session aspect of S.E.Watson.Photos was born.

Thank you Amanda and Michael for being such encouragers of my craft and for always allowing me to capture your sweet baby girl as she has grown!

Now for Miss Price... she is such a little character... I can't tell who she is going to be more like her mommy or her daddy but if she gets a little bit of both she will be able to conquer the world!

Price, you stay a sassy little kitten for as long as you can! This cray cary world needs more people like the Brew Crew... Keep learning and exploring little one.

#family #price #brewer

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