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The Parkman Kiddos

Ok,,, so these kids are much of "kiddos" anymore ....

Two are off at Mississippi State University while the other is about to be on his way to bootcamp and soon will be serving our country. They make me feel old! I remember when they were just little ones running around during our high school sporting events and now.... wow!!! I can't wait to see what is next for each of them!

ANDDDDDD.... take note kids. These pictures were part of a very thoughtful wedding anniversary gift to their parents!!! Such a thoughtful and memorable gift don't you think!?!?

Just sayin'!!! Pictures last a lifetime! Hit me up if you need a gift idea! :)

Thanks again for allowing me to hang out with y'all for the afternoon and capturing these great images!!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Louie and Mrs. Julie!!!

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